Stockholm archipelago tour

Sweden’s largest archipelago consists of more than 30,000 islands, 200 of which are inhabited.
From the inner archipelago to the outer archipelago, from the southern to the northern part, you travel through different environments and get a whole experience! Enjoy an entouched nature, discover the culture in the archipelago, swim from a sandy beach or from a cliff, walk on the islands, aim to a vantage point over the sea. Experience a cycle, kayak or boat tour. Live it, be part of it.

A good way to experience the archipelago is to get by boat from island to island with public transport ferries, live in nice cabins, eat good food and meet those who live here all year round. Take a Stockholm archipelago tour.

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Come to Stockholm city, preferably by an environment friendly transport, train or bus. Then just follow the program, bus, boat trip and relax!
Stockholm’s archipelago offers both culture and a unique nature. Welcome to enjoy your holiday in a wonderful and sustainable way.

From the inner archipelago to the sea belt.
Seal station – Huvudskär.

For this itinerary, we have chosen two completely different environments in the inner and outer archipelago that offer a wonderful experience! At Sälstationen on Gålö, an unknown side of Swedish history was written. Swim in the former seal pool, walk in the forest, paddle to different islands along the Långgarn’s bay, take a sauna in the evening, read a book in the beautiful nature and recharge your batteries at this unique place! Huvudskär, on that island far out on the sea band, people have lived for 700 years. You will stay at the hostel in the old Customs House or in one of Losthuset’s two apartments. Bird life is rich on the island, sea eagles, gray seals are a common sight here, bare cliffs with sparse vegetation, islands and skerries lead to magical views of the open sea.

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You can also book here your stay at the seal station and discover other islands with day trips from our place. There are several options for ferries, kayak rentings, selling tours arond there.

Stockholm archipelago – from South to north

Sälstationen  /  Möja / Stora Kalholmen / Lidö / Arholma. (14 nights/15 days)

What makes the Baltic Sea special is that the water there is neither salty nor sweet. All species that live there have for a long time learned to live in the brackish water. Do you know that the love life of the bladder wrack is affected by the moon, and that the brown algae can be close to 50 years old? Taking a tour in the archipelago from south to north is a good way to gather various unforgettable experiences.
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Above is a glimce of what the archipelago can offer you.

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